The One and Only LoxBox™

The best lox you’ll ever have is the lox you make yourself, easily.

We created the LoxBox™ because we love lox, and we wanted to perfect the process of making it ourselves, with higher-quality fish and much lower cost than you find in the store or deli.

*loxbox_DSC09853r-940pxLox, commonly called “smoked salmon” is actually cured salmon. The LoxBox™ is simply the ultimate kit for curing salmon, or any piece of fish.

It includes our custom-designed, insanely-durable and washable curing vessel, with fitted granite compressor stone, and the Perfecure™ Pouch, which protects the fish and regulates the osmotic process that is the essence of curing. We also provide an instruction booklet with classic and gourmet lox recipes and ideas. If you love lox, you’ll be blown away.



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