Components of the LoxBox


1. The Curing Vessel. A specially molded polycarbonate device that can safely be soaked in a salt brine for days and can go through repeated cycles in the refrigerator and the dishwasher without warping or losing its shape in any way. Its full transparency allows you the fun of observing the lox as it forms. The Vessel, moreover, has been perfectly sized to facilitate contact between the brine and the salmon. Finally, the top of the Vessel provides a perfect seal that keeps the various odors in the refrigerator from reaching your forming lox. Its thumb tab facilitates removal to spare your nails.

2. The Granite Compressor Stone. Granite is one a very few materials that are both heavy enough to act as a weight and are safe to leave in contact with food for several days. Traditional lox-making procedures often use a brick, but bricks, and most stones, such as marble, are too porous and/or can allow unsafe minerals to leach into the fish.  We have also designed special grooves on the non-polished surface of our granite to allow the brine to circulate under the stone. The polished surface and the beveled edges add to the elegance and the general utility of the piece.

3. Five PERFECURE™ Pouches. This is the heart of the LoxBox. The Perfecure Pouch is custom-made from a unique, semi-permeable, FDA-approved, food-compatible material that has been specifically chosen to optimize and standardize the osmotic pressure that is the basis of the curing process. The Perfecure Pouch, likewise, protects the delicate flesh of the forming lox from being embedded with particles of salt, pepper and the other herbs and spices used in the curing recipe. It is the Perfecure Pouch that takes both the guesswork and the mess out of lox-making.

4. The Instruction and Recipe Booklet. This contains all the information you will need to make, in your own home, the finest lox you have ever had. The booklet contains instructions for making lox exactly to your taste and teaches you all the tricks and procedures you will ever need for making lox. The booklet also contains a variety of recipes for serving lox and a brief history of lox.